Hooker Boats are the Premier Boat Builders and designers in Queensland.  

At Hooker Boats, we want to create the best boating experience for our customers.  Regardless what the conditions on the water are, or the purpose of the trip, we want to create memories that last a lifetime.

We strive to create vessels that are pleasing to look at, incredibly safe and so comfortable that you forget about the world and simply enjoy every moment on board.

 For over 20 years we have earned a reputation for building high quality, robust, comfortable fishing and leisure vessels that produce an outstandingly smooth ride every time.

Our range features cabin, centre console, tiller, bass tournament and inboard ski boats in a range of sizes. Safety is a priority with foam floatation in all decks and hulls.  Vessels are made from 100% fiberglass guaranteeing strength and durability.  

We believe boat space is your space.  All boats are custom built and designed, include an internal floor plan to meet your individual needs and feature large fiberglass fuel tanks.

A Hooker will last a lifetime.  Enquire today



Zeke - Just completed 1000 nautical mile trip around the cape in my 6m series 2. At no point did I feel unsafe- these boats handle FNQ waters extremely well and are a great fishing platform. Unreal product from a great company- extremely satisfied
Rick -No dramas at all. Love my 6m Pro fisherman CC. Great vessel and best way to purchase a boat.
Steve - I just bought a 6 meter hooka center console, they r the best and safest boats ,I live in the straights and they are ideal up here
Ronald - Got my 6m tiller fitted with a 115 four stroke Suzuki! Best ever!!! Thanks HOOKER BOATS
Jake - Awesome boats u won't be disappointed!
Anthony - Love the boat John thanks mate