Welcome to Hooker Boats

Hooker Boats are the premier boat builders based in Cairns.  They are renowned for the quality of the boats they produce, from the sleek smooth lines of the stylish design to the quality of the robust, time-tested standard of their manufacturing processes.

Hooker Boats has an intimate knowledge and understanding of all types of sea conditions and has a reputation for building crafts that are specifically suited to the unique sea and weather conditions encountered by boat owners located throughout Australia. Papua New Guinea and beyond. They have a range of vessels that cater for every need and usage, from the weekend recreational fisherman and hobby sailor to the professional who needs a durable and reliable commercial craft.

They recognise that a boat needs to be designed and engineered for all kinds of sea conditions and are proud of their Australian roots and reputation for building boats of exemplary quality. They are without doubt the best in the business of boat building.

Hooker Boats has been established in the boat building industry for over a decade and over the years, they have tested, tried and refined their designs, engineering and construction of their vessels, integrating new technologies and processes to enhance their already high manufacturing standards. The performance of their crafts is outstanding, ensuring safety and smooth sailing in even the roughest weather.

With a workshop located in the centre of Cairns, they produce custom-made designs specific to the requirements of the customer and are able to negotiate delivery for both domestic and international clients.

A Hooker Boat is tough, durable and built to last.

A Hooker Boat is unique, providing you with a craft you will be proud to sail.